NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration


NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration


Capella university

NHS-FPX 5004 Communication, Collaboration, and Case Analysis for Master’s Learners

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Leadership and Group Collaboration

A great leader inspires and conducts oneself with integrity, has a clear vision, and sets obtainable goals for the committee or healthcare team. Clear communication is key to addressing the expectations of each team member. The leader supports and encourages each member of the group as well as the collaborative team effort. A leader must also possess the skill of emotional intelligence, which entails self-awareness, knowing how to manage one’s emotions, learning how to motivate oneself, being empathetic, and working in relationships. A leader who understands and can manage their feelings can be an effective role model for the committee members. Using these techniques helps build a trusting relationship with dignity and respect between the leader and team members (Görgens-Ekermans & Roux, 2021).

Dr. Prisca O. Anuforo, DNP, would be the ideal candidate to lead this project to a successful outcome. She has an MSN in Transcultural Nursing Administration from Kean University and received her DNP in Nursing Leadership from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has a national certification as a Transcultural Nurse Leader (CTN-A). She is a member of the Nigerian Nurses Association in North America, the Transcultural Nursing Society, and other associations. Dr. Anuforo also published an article, “Culturally Competent Care Practice in Conducting Medical Mission.” It can be found in the Journal of Cultural Diversity and was accepted for publication in September 2021 (Kean University, 2019).

As a Transcultural Nurse Leader, Dr. Anuforo shares her knowledge with nursing students and other professionals on providing culturally competent nursing care to diverse populations. Dr. Anuforo educates based on the need for transcultural nursing by explaining this new professional role and adapting the latest technology and research. In addition, transcultural nurses collaborate with the community and local government agencies to obtain their clients’ needed housing, food, water, and transportation resources (Ludwig-Beymer, 2022).

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration

She also has insight into the specific skill set that a nurse or health professional needs to connect with clients from different cultures, such as essential knowledge, traditions, values, and practices within a specific culture. She also stresses that the nurse uses effective verbal/nonverbal communication to explore a client’s beliefs and understanding of the care provided. This insight is a characteristic that has made her successful and respected among her peers.

Her specific skill set of insight and respect will guide her leadership skills for this fantastic opportunity. Of course, the journey will have stumbles, but it is crucial to learn and grow, and one must be willing to take risks. In contrast, the transformational leadership style will be a constant source of growth as new leadership opportunities become available. As a new leader, it will be important to be inspired and motivated by Dr. Anuforo’s qualities while developing my own leadership style. My approach would involve each team member researching a different part of Haitian culture to present to the team. As a leader, it is also essential to not only work as a group but to work individually with each team member to ensure that the goals and timelines are met. Each member of the team needs to know that their input is valued and will be taken into consideration.

Transformational leadership can be defined as a process where leaders and followers bring the best attributes out in each other. Transformational leadership is that these behaviors are teachable and can be learned. It helps to exceed expectations by valuing the ethics and beliefs of the team. Transformational leadership can be the most influential style for motivating and leading individuals and organizations to promote people and companies to success (Dias, Mathew, & Michael, 2019). A weakness in this leadership approach is the lack of necessary resources and funding for institutions to promote leadership training.

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration

Another disadvantage is due to young age and inexperience. For example, if a young nurse has poor practice, low confidence, and insufficient education, it can be frustrating and hinder the nurse’s self-esteem and not take risks to advance their career (Ferreira et al., 2020). To provide more insight into Haitian culture, one might use a cultural broker. A cultural broker can give a deeper understanding of a culture’s values, beliefs, and certain words, phrases, and actions. This may help the team assist the Haitian clients to adapt to work with health care providers for optimal health outcomes.

To maximize the team’s effectiveness and complete our goal of cultural sensitivity, it will be essential to establish clear lines of communication through verbal and electronic communication. Our first initial meeting will consist of introductions and backgrounds, the scope of the project, and the different tasks that will need to be completed. Identifying everyone’s strengths will be considered when assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and scheduling meetings to ensure that all deadlines are met. It will also be necessary for the team to believe in the project and work toward the same goal of successful patient outcomes while providing high-quality patient care (Bhowmik, 2021). Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to learn and grow within this organization!


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NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration

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