NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration


NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration


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NHS-FPX 5004 Communication, Collaboration, and Case Analysis for Master’s Learners

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Leadership and Group Collaboration

Leading a project effectively requires specific qualities for successful coordination of a project team. According to Low (2012), ten leadership qualities are desirable for a project team leader. Of these, six are critical for the successful launch and operationalization of an internal program promoting diversity and awareness of the needs of racial, sexual, and gender minorities. The first essential quality is the ability to inspire, demonstrated by creating a vision, articulating it, and motivating team members and stakeholders to achieve it. The second is strong communication skills, which enable the leader to convey project goals, team member responsibilities, performance expectations, and to lead negotiations with various stakeholders.

The third quality is integrity, shown through ethical practices in all situations to build trust with team members and stakeholders. The fourth is enthusiasm, evidenced by a commitment to goals and optimism in their achievement. The fifth is competence, which is necessary for challenging and inspiring team members, empowering them, and modeling project task performance. The sixth is delegation, involving trust in team members to perform their duties without micro-management (Low, 2012). With these qualities, one can effectively lead the community outreach project.

Leadership Skills

One healthcare leader who has inspired me is Joselyn Freeman-Singleton, a Nurse Manager at Regional One Health, who received the 2021 Tennessee Hospital Association Award of Excellence. She was recognized for her proactive leadership in establishing a medical oncology program and a new hospital unit for detainees from Mississippi (Regional One Health, 2021). Freeman-Singleton demonstrated three major skills necessary for healthcare project management roles.

First, she showed change management skills by identifying a pressing need among oncology patients and championing the establishment of an in-house oncology service. Change management is a skill I have yet to develop, as I have not always shared my visions and goals for the facility. This project will provide an opportunity to learn and apply change management skills in bringing the community outreach program to fruition.

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

Second, Freeman-Singleton demonstrated negotiation skills by navigating external sources of expertise needed to run and operationalize the oncology service (Regional One Health, 2021). I have acquired negotiation skills through my role in care coordination, where I navigate external services for patients and secure agreements on subsidized fees and plans for those in need.

Third, Freeman-Singleton demonstrated influencing skills by getting stakeholders to cooperate and collaborate, educating internal staff on care requirements, and ensuring consistent oncology care regardless of the nurses on duty (Regional One Health, 2021). She also successfully worked with multiple stakeholders to create an inpatient unit for inmates from Mississippi. Although not perfect in influencing skills, I have learned to influence stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate services, particularly when managing the transition of geriatric patients to hospice and home-based care.

My Role as a Project Leader

As a project leader, I will apply principles from the transformational leadership model to define my roles and responsibilities. This model is chosen because it positively impacts work engagement among healthcare employees and the creation of a safety culture (Ree & Wiig, 2019). The transformational leadership model emphasizes stimulating, inspiring, and motivating followers to achieve their tasks (Giddens, 2018). My primary role will be to assemble a diverse team to ensure the successful operationalization of the diversity initiative. I will use my leadership position to build the team, inspire members to achieve project goals, and motivate them to perform their tasks on time. The model also promotes relationship building within teams and change promotion (Giddens, 2018). Therefore, I will create a conducive environment for team members to build interpersonal relationships that will promote the achievement of duties.

Approach for Facilitating Collaboration

Team collaboration is essential for achieving project goals. The team will consist of diverse, highly educated, and skilled specialists in cultural communication, workplace diversity, health promotion, staff training, patient education, and finance management, among others. Gratton and Erickson (2007) provided eight approaches for facilitating collaboration, which I will adapt for the project team. These include obtaining executive support, modeling collaborative behavior, creating a culture of gifts, ensuring members have requisite skills, supporting a sense of community, selecting leaders oriented to tasks and relationships, building a team with members familiar with each other, and defining roles and tasks (Gratton & Erickson, 2007).

Executive support is vital for providing an enabling organizational environment, and senior leaders can model collaboration for the project team. In team formulation, I will ensure most team members are familiar with one another to avoid having strangers. Mentorship and coaching will also be part of the team process to foster a “gift culture” and encourage free interactions.


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NHS FPX 5004 Assessment 1 Leadership and Group Collaboration

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